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Candice Manning

Youth and Play Worker



Candice started working with Sarah and Will as a young person. From this she has now developed into a budding youth and play worker, and has a lot of potential. Her areas of experience are currently in the Junior Youth Youth Club with ages 8-13, and detached youth work for ages 11-19. In September she will be starting to deliver 'I'm the girl I want to be' in schools with Sarah.
In her own words 'From a young person myself to a volunteer to now working for such a amazing organisation, I have loved every minute of being apart of Priority Youth, I specialise in coaching a different variety of sports including football, dancing, circuit training, exercise and much more depending what the children wish to do. I believe that by giving children the time and commitment you will see a massive improvement in there confidence with each other and being able to work as part of a team. Also you will see friendship groups widen and more laughs and fun along the way. I feel as though I am very good at building a great relationship with each child that I work with , I understand the importance of changing a child's journey by providing a high quality youth provision and I want to give the children the best experience I can. I try 100 percent to make each session as fun and enjoyable as it can be and I love seeing the end results when each child goes away with a smile on there face'

Star Sign - Libra

Loves - spending time with friends & family, holidays, new shoes, keeping fit, travelling, meeting new people, playing football, and dancing.

Random facts - Travels abroad a lot as a part-time fashion buyer for a clothes shop, and says she could not live without eating chippy chips EVERY day!


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