Priority Youth Project Liverpool


Danny Hamilton

Youth Worker



I met Sarah, Will and Gemma when I was only 10 years old, a long time before they started Priority Youth Project. I was very quiet and kept myself in the background of the group when I first got involved with the team, since then they have brought me out of my shell, providing me with amazing opportunities such as residentials, accredited courses and volunteering experiences. I now work full time for Priority Youth Project as the Marketing and Public Relations Manager and as a Youth Worker, loving every day as I'm always up to something new while working alongside an amazing team!

He is now currently studying at West Derby School and is giving up his own time to volunteer and help us as a project.

Star sign - Scorpion.

Loves - Spending time with family and friends is my favorite thing to do and I love getting away on holiday, especially to Dubai!

Random fact - I was once a competitive Swimmer representing Everton SA and trained with Olympic Medalist Michael Rock.



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