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Jayne Silvano

Play Worker




I applied for a play leader post 1984 for the youth & Play Service for the Liverpool City council which I was successful and continue to this day delivering a wide variety of enjoyable activities to children. I have always encouraged, supported and inspired many children over the years in becoming actively involved in many new and exciting activities which has contributed towards children & young people becoming more self-confident and empowered through.
Since then I have continued to enjoy making a career for myself working with school age children.
I have had the pleasure of managing & enjoying delivering many play schemes and projects citywide up until 2014 when lots of LCC cuts were made, and my existing post was sadly, permanently deleted.
Having worked in the Youth & Play Service for all those years, I knew Sarah had also left the service and set up PYP and she had organised funding to run originally a 12 week project Junior Club for the Deysbrook area, and they needed an experienced Play worker to organise, set up and deliver a varied, inclusive play provision for local children.
We now have a good, strong team of experienced play & youth workers who help deliver a wide variety of sports, games, drama and art and craft skills which all contribute towards improving children’s personal development which also improves a young person’s health and well-being.

We’re coming up to 2018 and the Play Provision is still successfully running to everyone’s delight – children, parents, PYP staff, volunteers and committee members.

Star sign - Scorpio

Loves - Loves sun, sea & all inclusive family holidays abroad, enjoy travelling, cooking fresh & tasty meals for the family, enjoy regular family games nights and is artistic & has creative skills.

Random fact - Mother of 4 & still happily married since 1992, Eldest son is a qualified pilot.


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