Priority Youth Project Liverpool


Sarah Luisa Hughes

Director and Youth Worker



Sarah has delivered youth work for the past 14 years with Liverpool Youth and Play Service managing a successful detached youth project before starting with Priority Youth Project in 2014. She oversees the day to day running of the project and manages the staff team and volunteers. Sarah works together with the staff team and management board, the young people and the wider community to enhance opportunities for young people throughout Liverpool. Her experience in the field is vast and she has worked in a variety of youth work settings including detached, outreach, centre based and mobile youth provision. In addition, she specialises in one to one work with young people, facilitating activities and workshops, and promoting life skills, physical and emotional well-being, healthy lifestyles and stress awareness. Her main strength is building good strong relationships with young people and their families, and believes quality comes before quantity.

Sarah is also a fully qualified Holistic Therapist and Reiki Master.

Star sign – Leo

Loves- Spending time with family and friends, animals, crystals, dancing, organic cooking, owls, and going to Pilates.

Random facts – Sarah is half Italian, has a German Shepherd called Kia and has the full collection of Meer Kats!.



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